Business Infomation

Business Infomation

Message from our President,

Our ideal is for your family to spend time quality time with your loved ones in the most fashion forward style.

We have been working to create designs that would reflect parents’ personal style and with functionality.
This is how our original brand was born, “e.x.p.japon”, a wide range of babies’ products for daily outings.

On the other hand, we operate “Kyo Asobi”, a yakitori restaurant, which is Japanese popular chicken dish.
The main ingredient, the chicken, we have carefully selected cage free range chicken called, “Tanba homebred chicken” and “Kishu homebred chicken” brands which you may eat as cooked rare.
We wish you to have good time with your family, as couple or friends.
Our restaurant is located in Gion District where it is most ancient area in Kyoto.
Please enjoy our restaurant called “Kyo Asobi”.

Our next vision is to spread our very own “e.x.p.japon” and “Kyo Asobi” to all over the world.
Our new office is established in NY and we are going to start making all fathers, mothers and kids smile with our products.

From now on, we, Vie international group are evolving for our ideal future.

Vie International Group ltd
Kinya Ota

Company Profile

Address ■The head office
63 Kasaboko-Cho, Higashi-Iru, Aburanokoji, Shijyo-Dori, Kyoto, Japan

■Tokyo office
201 Legaland Higashihinagawa, 1-19-9 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawaku, Tokyo, Japan

■New York Office
343 Gold Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA
Phone ■The head office / 075-212-7324
■Tokyo office / 03-6451-4560
Fax ■The head office / 075-212-7424
■Tokyo office / 03-6451-4561
Founded October 1996
Established February 1999
Capital $100,000.00
President and CEO Kinya Ota
Business Introduction

Baby Goods Wholesale Division


Internet Division

Restaurant Business

  • 日本トイザらス(株)
  • イオンリテール(株)
  • (株)東急ハンズ
  • (株)ウェルカム
  • (株)アントレックス
  • (株)ハンプティーダンプティー
  • (株)スタイリングライフ・ホールディングス
  • (株)アクタス
  • (株)ヴィレッジヴァンガードコーポレーション
  • (株)エトワール海渡
  • (株)リクルートホールディングス
  • (株)F・O・インターナショナル
  • (株)ファッション須賀
  • (株)藤栄
  • (株)カワダ
  • (株)GMPインターナショナル
  • アマゾンジャパン合同会社
  • (株)ナルミヤ・インターナショナル
  • (株)システム14
  • (株)精文館書店
  • (株)ユナイテッドアローズ
  • (株)イノブン
  • ケンコーコム(株)
  • ピップ(株)
  • (株)アイレクスリテイル
  • 綿新産業(株)
  • (株)三越伊勢丹ホールディングス
  • (株)阪急阪神百貨店
  • (株)そごう・西武
  • (株)高島屋
  • (株)東急百貨店
  • (株)井筒屋
  • (株)近鉄百貨店
  • (株)大丸松坂屋百貨店
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